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I am 480732 Oh. I was born on February 13, 2007 in Secondlife. I represent artist 48073 in SecondLife.


About artist48073:

"As an artist I live as number 48073 in RL, on my computer and on the web. The number was born on the web, december 2002. It is the number I find hardest to remember.

I started making RL paintings in 1990 until the present day. I love the real thing, the brush stroke, the movement, the moment. I combine these paintings by sawing and cutting them into pieces, rearranging them and assembling them into new images. Pictures taken from these paintings are then combined and transformed using a computer.

From that moment on the painting lives a virtual life, the 'original' becomes redundant to the point that it does not even matter if the original still exists. The painting lives as part of the digital world, somehow becoming more 'real' this way, like I feel more 'real' being a number."





First show in SecondLife at Queen Gallery hadong/76/172/105, from 2007/06/01 until 2007/07/13.
Thanks to Rimpoche Kiama, the gallery owner, who made this exhibition possible. When you click the above location link it might lead to nothing or anything. One thing for sure, the gallery has moved since, to various locations. It is in the nature of SL.


Photo's taken from the exhibition









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