The disadvantage of being a number is that some sites can not handle short user names or names containing only numbers.

So, to comfort those systems, or the underlying code, I use a variety of number/letter combinations to provide screen names the machine can understand. Living as 48073, Artist48073, Artist 48073, 48073art, @_48073, _48073, Foureightoseventhree, Artist foureightoseventhree, four eight o seven three, 48073 art, 480732 Oh, 48073artist, art 48073, on the web and on the grid..

My apologies to all those fine coders who make the web possible for giving them headaches to make a site work with number usernames. I did not realize this when choosing an alias.

I do not like numbers or aliases either.
It took me quite a while to get used to it, but it has grown on me.

Besides code there is are other reasons why some people do not wish to deal with numbers.

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